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The LLC is preparing to launch a new web page that will enable the Lakota language community to engage in a democratic process to evolve the language. This is an online community for speakers of all ages to suggest and evaluate new words that reflect 21st century living.

The new Lakota language web page will go online December 15, 2008 at this address: This page will serve as a central forum to discuss the language, access a variety of language resources, and generate ideas and consensus on what new words are needed. What are your interests? Here are a few examples of requests that we’ve received so far:

A science teacher wants Lakota words for chemistry and biology instruction.

People from all walks of life want new Lakota words to describe modern electronics and information technology.

Those involved in the contemporary economy need Lakota words to describe things relevant to banking, financial transactions, retail stores, online shopping and so on.

Participants can use the web page at their own pace 24/7. Discuss what new Lakota words you need, vote on the words and usage suggestions of others, and bring attention to possible errors.

Lakota speakers and linguists will also work to ensure that the language retains its integrity and remains consistent through this evolutionary process. The future vision is to include the complete New Lakota-Dakota Dictionary with a variety of usability functions. New Lakota words and usages will assist the LLC keep the New Lakota-Dakota Dictionary modern and useful for present and future speakers. The site will also serve as the platform for the eventual development of a fully-online Lakota dictionary in future years. The online dictionary will be completely comprehensive and include audio for all entries.






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